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Bishnupriya Manipuri Songs

Songs relating to social reformation are assets in early modern BPM literature. Senarup Singha, Mohendra Kumar Singha, Leikhomsena Singha and Gokulananda Gitiswamy had written a number of song and poems relating to social reformation and two dramas one of which is named Matrimangal Gatabhinay. Gokulananda Gitiswamy was the most popular because of his depth of feeling and refined taste as revealed in his songs relating to social reformation. After these writers the names of Krishnadhan singha, Gandharaj singha, Golapsena sinha, Gosho bihari singha, Rohini Rajkumar and Gaur Mohan singha are worth mentioning.

Two songs by  Lekhomsena Singha and  Mohendra KumarSingha

From MALINI, Silchar, 1979

Song of Gokulananda Gitiswami
from  MALINI, Silchar, 1979

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