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Bishnupriya Manipuri Folk Stories

The ancient literatures of Bishnupriya Manipuri is represented by numbers of folk stories. This stories are generally related to imaginary kind of Kings, Queens, Prince and princesses and their Dynasty. Also a number of Folk stories related to  Apang or Fool. some of them are obviously based on Sorahal or Soralel and his seven daughters, some deities like  Kalthagore and pahangpa. Folk stories about Bhoot- Pret, Pitkuri, Hinchapi, Sanangba, Laamchi, Lai-kandurum etc. are also popular.
  • Stories of a Fool ( Apang'or yari)
  • The King and his three sons (Raja ago baro tar tingo jiput)
  • Story of a old Couple (Bura Burir kosu laganir yari)
  • The clever Fox ( Lamuir Yari)
  • Ghost Stories ( Bhut Pretor Yari)
  • Sorahal and his seven daughters (Sorahal saat jilok)
  • Story of the bird, Chinchirikpi (Chinchirikpir yari)  

Story of the King and his three sons
Raja ago baro tar tingo jiput

Collected from Kanak Path ,Class III, NBMM

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