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Vaishnava Padavali

Vaishnava Padavalis in BPM Literature dserves special mention. Padakarta's or writers of the Padavalis try to present the Radha-Krishna Lila with a bhakti cult. They pay their attention to the form or languages, rasa and sentiments. Vaishnav Padavalis are deep in feeling and understanding.
  • Goshtha Bihari Singha
  • Chanmani Singha
  • Senarup Singha
  • Kartik Chandra Singha
  • Bijoy Singha
  • Sudhanya Singha
  • Birendra Singha
  • Gadai Singha
  • Braja KumarSingha

A Padavali By Gushta Bihari Singha

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