Modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature

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Modern Literatures of Bishnupriya Manipuri

The modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature may be divided into two stages (a) Early period and (b) Later period. The Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature of early modern period is marked by devotion towards Isvara and love for language and the land of Manipur and the culture of Bishnupriya Manipuri. Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature of the later period is marked by the love and feelings, hopes and desires, joys and sorrows of the writers and poets.

Early Modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature

The Early Modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature was initiated during the second quarter of this century mainly by four writers,namely, Leikhomsena Singha of Singari(Assam), Madan Mohan Sharma of Sanicchara, Amusena Sinha of Cipersangan and Gokulananda Gitiswami of Ratacchara. Leikhomsena singha was the author of a drama entitled Manipur Bijoy, Madan Mohan Sharma was the author of a number of Kiratana-type works namely, Balipinda,Harischandra, Subal Milan, Tilottoma, Basak, Sudama Bipra etc. Amusena sinha also wrote a number of Kirtana-type works based on Ramayana, namely, Angada Raybar, Saktisel, Taranisen Badh, Nagapas, Mahiravan Badh etc. Gokulananda Gitiswami composed a few Kirata works namely, Nouka Bilas, Basak, Mathur etc. He also written a number of song and poems relating to social reformation and two dramas one of which is named Matrimangal Gatabhinay. Of these poets and writers, Gokulananda Gitiswamy was the most popular because of his depth of feeling and refined taste as revealed in his Padavalis and songs relating to social reformation, after these writers the names of Krishnadhan singha, Gandharaj singha, Golapsena sinha, Gosho bihari singha, Rohini Rajkumar and Gaur Mohan singha are worth mentioning.

 Modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature

In modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature, we meet a number of poets,dramatists,Short story writers, and essayists. Of The Dramatists the most popular are 1. Aswini Kumar Singha, the writer of Harischandra, Sabitri Satyaban etc. 2. Indra Kumar Singha, the writer of Haribola-Ehari, Kailas lailat etc. 3. Sudhanva Singha,the writer of Number of Fagiram Drama's and 4. Birendra Kumar singha the writer of Manur Kothai Gor Na Bagyo. Among short Story writers Brajendra Kumar Singha, Indra kumar Singha, Symananda Singha, Oja BBabulok Dabi are worth of reference. The remarkable essayists of this era are Dr. K.P. Singha, Brajendra KumarSingha, Birendra Kumar Singha, Jagot Mihan Singha etc. Poets of this period are huge in number. Among them Modon Mohan Mukhopadhyay, Brajendra Kumar Singha and Dhananjoy Rajkumar are the most successful. 

 Late Modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature

The Late modern Bishnupriya Manipuri Literature is ruled by a number young and a few old Bishnupriya Manipuri writers. Of them the names of Dhanajoy Rajkumar, Brajendra Kumar Singha, Smriti Kumar Singha, Dil's Laxindra Singha, Sri Samarjit Singha, Sudhanya Singha, Srikanta Singha, Biswajit Singha, Mothura Singha, Kumari Sandhya Sinha,Ranjit Singha, Radhakanta Singha can be mentioned.

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